Let’s make a Herbal Press!


Let’s make your own Herb Press.

We want to invite you, to join our woodworking workshops. This time we will be bulding wooden herbs and flowers press, which is necessary for preparing your own herbarium.

We will be working with recycled wood, which we will clean and sand using sanding paper. Than we will cut it to correct dimensions and protect with paste made from natural wax and linen oil. We can use our laser cutter to put some nice engravings on them.

After that, we will prepare press locking system using leather straps and small olive sticks. When our Herb Presses will be finally set up with cardboard and paper separators, which is necessary to not let our plants collection glue together, we will be ready to make a walk around the finca and find some unique plants and herbs to our herbarium collection.

Time: 2h

No of participants: 8

Age: 8+

Cost: ?