Let’s make wooden rubber stamp!


We would love to invite you to join our workshop.

This time we will create unique rubber stamps inspired by nature with floral, animal or ethnic patterns. 

The history of stamping goes thousands of years back. The first stamps were made and used in the Stone Age to mark and certified handmade dishes. Later in the ancient Middle East, Mesopotamia and Egypt they were made of coral or other gemstone, and then the engraved pattern was stamped on a clay plate.

Over the centuries, the use, function and design of seals have changed. If you are interested in the subject, during the workshop we will tell you  more about the fascinating history of the wax seals, wooden prints, even the history of rubber.

After the lecture and brainstorming about the usage of seals and stamps in the past and nowadays, we will show you how modern rubber stamps are made. You will see the whole process from computer designing, through laser engraving, till ready product.

Together we will take a walk around the Finca and search for some nice olive wood for stamps. Then we will cut the wood, sand it and protect it with natural linen bee wax.

Using the laser cutter machine, we will engrave your pattern on the rubber which you will glue to the stamp. The workshop will result in creating your own unique stamp with a diameter of 4 cm. 

If you would like to participate in the workshop, please submit your application with the project of a stamp for two days prior to the workshop.

As we have said, the projects should be inspired by nature, so the drawing should contain floral, ethnic, or animal patterns.You can draw your favourite animal, plant or a symbol inspired by an ethnic pattern. 

Here you can find some inspirations:

About the project: send us a photo or scan of drawing in circular shape. Please use black marker and draw on white paper.

Time: 2-3h

Number of participants: 10

Age: 8+

Price: 25€